About Liqid Inc.

A leader in composable infrastructure, Liqid enables users to configure and manage physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds. Storage, compute, networking and graphics processing devices are interconnected over PCI-Express fabric to deliver dynamically configurable bare-metal servers perfectly sized with the exact physical resources required by the application being deployed.

Liqid Grid and Command Center allow users to optimize system resources to meet the evolving requirements for next-generation, high-value applications.

Information Technology and Services

Headquarters: Lafayette, Colorado


Why Destiny and Liqid Inc.?

  • Destiny sees composable infrastructure as the next technology requirement, allowing clients to spin up environments dynamically and allocate resources as desired in an on-prem cloud style environment.
  • Our clients can also bring down environments without the racking and stacking of hardware, using a simple, user interface, thus saving additional costs and resources.