Marketing Optimization and Addressable Advertising

Marketing Automation/OptimizationDirect marketing has increased in complexity and capability specifically within digital marketing channels. Organizations have to make calculated decisions about targeting the best customers with the right offers as they stay within budget and channel capacities. This is completed without compromising future sales or saturating customers with too many messages especially when there are multiple campaigns from one company competing for customers’ attention. In the digital space, this can be done through emails, banner ads, and strategic digital messaging. In the addressable advertising market for television viewing, advertising must be targeted to the household level through sophisticated techniques that add additional constraints such as tune in time and affinity to programming.Marketing Automation/Optimization

Optimization resolves these complex issues by looking at problems in a holistic fashion that balances the constraints of an organization with sophisticated analytics to improve key metrics. Optimization allows marketers and advertisers to gain critical knowledge about factors that affect the success of marketing campaigns such as the impact of adding a new channel, the probable results of reducing a budget or the consequences of instituting a strategic contact policy. This is a very different approach from traditional business-rule methods that allocate campaigns to customers.

Destiny Corporation helps our customers in the following ways:

  • Document the business requirements for Optimization
  • Design the proper infrastructure
  • Determine the best sources of data in-house and external
  • Design a cleanse and refresh strategy with a database marketing vendor
  • Act as the Independent liaison between blinded and un-blinded customer information
  • Build ETL processes for Marketing Campaigns
  • Build Predictive Statistical Analytics for Targeting
  • Implement a Tracking and Results History Repository


Sample Case Studies by Industry:

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