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Machine and Deep Learning AI Use Case Discovery Workshop


Destiny Corporation will lead a one-day workshop to qualified organizations that want to strategize with industry experts. We will apply Machine and Deep Learning AI to their predictive modeling for increased lift. New forms of data and architectures are now available to organizations; however, companies struggle to apply this new capability. Gartner states that the adoption of AI has been the fastest on record of all technologies and methods ever introduced into the field of Analytics as they have fielded a multitude of questions in previous months. This workshop is tailored to each organization to help identify existing or new business use cases where data and technology can benefit the client. New types of data may include unstructured, images, video, audio, streaming, social media, credit, behavioral, search, IoT, metro, geospatial, census, weather, Big Data, and many others. Fast, unsupervised learning is critical to this process where the Data Scientist uses the power of computing to simulate the human thought process, with more accuracy and results in minutes, not days. Use cases, their feasibility, along with the business bottom line benefit will be discussed and analyzed. At the end of the workshop, a decision to move forward with a targeted Proof of Concept will be decided.

How It Works

Pre Meeting Conference Calls
An initial one-hour pre workshop conference call begins the process. The client will be asked to define their business as well as their biggest challenges or goals for the department or organization. This lays the groundwork for identification of potential use cases. The client should also be able to provide a description of the data and techniques used today. No actual data is required for this discovery workshop. Organization attendees should be Analytic Leaders and their Senior Data Scientists. Follow on preparation calls may be required to foster further understanding and initial research.

One-Day White Boarding Session
A face-to-face meeting will be held at a chosen facility. The organization’s attendees must bring full descriptions of current data used, along with an understanding of today’s processes and challenges. No actual data is required. The strategy of each use case will be considered along with any additional data and processing methodologies. After the discussions, the group will choose the best use cases and ways to move forward with a proof of concept to prove out the methodologies, data, and technologies chosen.

All information discussed and agreed upon will be delivered after the workshop in a Findings and Recommendations Report. This will include an assessment of each use case, the potential benefits, a description of current data and new data proposed, along with the methodologies recommended. The document will also include an estimated level of effort to perform the proof of concept(s), which includes organization and vendor staffing in the form of a project plan.

Supporting Organizations in Attendance
Data Scientist(s) and Technical Personnel from Destiny Corporation and selected organizations.

Contact Destiny for more information. ■ Phone: 860-721-1684

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