PureData System for Analytics (Netezza)

Netezza-updated-photoDestiny Corporation offers training for PureData System for Analytics (PDA), Netezza. Destiny Corporation finds that many organizations purchase the PureData System for Analytics Data Warehouse appliance, which can offer great results, and fast processing to any organization. However, the most important part of the implementation of these appliances is to teach people how to properly use and administrate them to get the optimal benefit out of their PDA/Netezza investment. Destiny is one of the only organizations globally that offers this type of customized training to organizations. We offer standard database administrator training, and specialty training on how SAS® software works in-database with PDA/Netezza.

Netezza PureData System for Analytics Courses

Course Title Course
Netezza/PDA in Database Processing Using SAS® Software 2 x x
SQL Processing on IBM Netezza (PureData System for Analytics) 2 x x
Netezza/PureData System for Analytics Database Users 2 x x
Netezza PureData System Administration 2 x x

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