Introducing Netezza Performance Server

Learn more about a high-performance cloud-native system of insight designed for speed, simplicity, and agility and 100% compatible with earlier Netezza systems.

Or upgrade today with a single command – nz_migrate. Access and analyze data anywhere, whether on-prem or in the cloud.


IBM Netezza Performance Server

  • Completely modernized rollout of the market leading Pure Data System for Analytics.
  • Infused with in-place machine learning and AI.
  • 100% compatibility – it co-exists with your existing Netezza systems.
  • A hyper-converged system that delivers outrageous speed improvements, in-database analytics, and hardware accelerated machine learning and query processing – a cornerstone for your analytics architecture.
  • The Netezza Performance Server significantly increases Netezza speed by incorporating NVMe Solid State Drives, faster processing, and a 64-bit code base that combines parallel processing with Red Hat OpenShift.
  • The end result is unrivaled performance with a smaller footprint.
  • Designed for deep analysis of complex data volumes scaling into the petabytes, Netezza Performance Server delivers unmatched power, scalability, intelligence, and simplicity for your business needs.
  • Continues the tradition of minimal administration and tuning, allowing your data scientists to deliver actionable insights instead of preparing data.
  • Built-in virtualization technology allows you to access and analyze data anywhere, whether on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Netezza Performance Server is the essential data warehouse component in your journey to AI.
  • Upgrade today with a single command.

Connecting you to a greater data and analytics ecosystem of capabilities.

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