Red Hat Enterprise Linex

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 serves as a foundation for enterprise hybrid cloud systems. It allows you to scale existing apps and add emerging technologies– across bare-metal, virtual, container, and all types of cloud environments. It provides an intelligent, stable, and security-focused foundation for modern, agile business operations.
Consistency across infrastructure allows deployment of applications, workloads, and services using the same tools regardless of location. Therefore, users can deploy and operate an enterprise hybrid cloud environment faster and more easily.

Key Benefits

Familiar and intuitive deployment and management interfaces help Windows and Unix users get started with Linux more easily.

Complete, native automation allows faster service delivery with consistency across on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Streamlined access to open source development tools helps speed new product development.

Onsite Training
Optimized Analytics

Additional Features

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 offers built-in manageability and integration with Red Hat management and automation products.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is an optimized platform for enterprise applications and critical databases — including SAP® HANA®, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL — in addition to machine learning workloads.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 includes security technologies and controls.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 provides advanced, innovative container infrastructure and tools to simplify container development and deployment.

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