Company Background
A nonprofit organization that plays an important role in ensuring that telephone service remains available and affordable in all parts of the country. They also administers a number of significant federal and state programs that help keep the United States telecommunications system the most widely used in the world.


This Organization distributes government funding to smaller, disadvantaged telephone companies. The process used for analysis and distribution of federal funds was very disjointed. There were numerous discrete data sources, various spreadsheets, different databases, and manual processes for getting all the information into its final form. The disparities that existed between the different systems made it a very tedious process to gather performance information for the different organizations.

Destiny met with key decision makers and analysts from within the Organization to gain a thorough understanding of their current and future needs as well as existing processes, resources, and system constraints. One of the prime objectives of the project was to access information in a real-time manner. Destiny wrote an application in conjunction with their head statisticians using a Bayesian methodology to automatically analyze Baby Bell needs and appropriately distribute funds between them. This program saved the Organization hundreds of thousands of dollars over time and many labor hours on an annual basis.

Our client’s new automated reporting and analysis structure provides it with an integrated system that gives consistent and timely information, thereby facilitating decision-making. An organization-wide standard has enabled our client to implement a single set of financial reports that facilitates access to critical business data and eliminates the inconsistencies that existed between the different financial systems. Additionally, information can now be accessed in real-time.