About SAS

SAS Institute Inc. is a software vendor that specializes in advanced and predictive analytics software applications, as well as business intelligence and data visualization offerings. Their software is primarily geared towards data scientists and other skilled analysts, although offerings such as SAS Enterprise Guide, which supports quick data explorations and allows users to publish results to teammates, can be operated by the average business user.

While SAS software covers a range of data management and analysis functions, its primary focus is in the areas of predictive and advanced analytics. SAS Enterprise Miner, one of the company’s most popular software packages, lets users build predictive models in a GUI (graphical user interface) environment and produce graphics from analyses. Most of the company’s offerings are built around the SAS language, a programming language that executes statistical operations against data sets.

SAS’ Business Analytics help clients glean valuable insights about their data. Ask and answer specific business questions, discover patterns, analyze data, and build reports—all to power data-driven decision-making that can empower the business.

SAS performs descriptive, inferential, and forecasting statistical analyses. Data can be transformed from its original layout to any desired layout. Excess data may be removed or cleaned prior to analysis. New columns can be easily derived.


Website: https://www.sas.com
Headquarters: Cary, NC

Specialties: SAS, BI, Data Mining, OLAP, DW, Analytics, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Statistics, Customer Intelligence, and Enterprise Risk Management.

SAS Gold Partner

Why Destiny Corporation and SAS?

  • Destiny Corporation has over 30 years of experience with SAS software and is a Gold Partner with SAS Institute.
  • Our SAS consultants can help organizations get the most use out of their software and help customize their SAS system.
  • Destiny Corporation Education Division teaches use and best practices in SAS software.