Data Modeling
Most organizations possess and maintain vast amounts of data and rely on it to strategically run their business. Thus, the organization of this data into subject areas where relationships within the data are well defined is critical to support their analytics strategies. A proper data model is part of the foundation for a sustainable Corporate Information Factory (CIF).

Destiny Corporation’s Data Modeling service provides your organization with customized, business-specific solutions and will create effective data models that meet your current and evolving needs. Our experts employ both tool-based and manual methodologies to customize existing models or build new ones for enhanced business performance.

We build the following types of Data Models:

  • Entity-Relationship (ER) Modeling: Modeling services designed for OLTP databases.
  • Dimensional Modeling: Modeling services designed for star schema and analytics.
  • Data Vault Modeling: Modeling services that can reflect the dynamic relationships within the data over time.
  • Business Modeling: Modeling services that incorporate BI tools, and KPI driven dashboards for better business understanding. These models use open bus architecture to support future business needs. Designing the proper semantic layer where data and attributes are easily understood by business and analytic users is crucial to improving its use.


Our Data Modeling services include:

  • Development Services: Our consultants actively work on the data models while providing education and knowledge to the organization’s participating team members.
  • Mentoring Services: We lend advice and support when you need it.
  • Quality Assurance Services: We review your models and make best practice recommendations.
Data Modeling

Key Benefits:

  • Smarter representation of subject areas, measures, and facts.
  • Greater control over modeling, maintaining, as well as tracking historical and current transactional information.
  • Enhanced business agility with data models that can accommodate a dynamic business environment.


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