Discovery Workshops
Destiny Corporation offers a 90-minute video conference workshop to qualified organizations wishing to strategize on information technology solutions.

Recommended Attendees

Key client representatives, including IT infrastructure and architecture staff, as well as server, storage, network and IT administration leads. Business leaders well versed in the company’s data requirements such as data scientists are also recommended.

How It Works

White Boarding Session

To make the best use of our clients’ time, the Workshop is comprised of three steps.

  • The first is to build a diagram of the client’s architecture to gain a comprehensive view of their current environment.
  • Next, a list of client objectives are outlined. These may include solutions to challenges such as long-running jobs, or the desire for system stability, cost reduction, and accelerated access to data.
  • Finally, we collaboratively review options for the client’s target infrastructure, and a diagram of the proposed system architecture is created. This will be the blueprint for moving forward, and will illustrate how the client’s challenges will be solved and their goals met.


A summary description of the areas discussed and agreed upon will be delivered after the workshop in a Current and Proposed Reference Architecture Report. An estimated level of effort to perform the proof of concept(s) will also be included, along with recommended organization and vendor staffing.

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