Company Background

In 1941, this company started out as a modest, family-run business in New York City. They went on to pioneer the leather goods and accessories industry, becoming known as the original American House of Leather during the second half of the 20th Century. Today their product is available on five continents in over 1,000 stores worldwide and many more in collaboration with global wholesale and distributor partners.


This organization needed a better means of analyzing its product sales. They wanted to be able to quickly produce reports in order to confidently predict product demand worldwide, by market and segment. These results would enable them to target specific designs to certain markets, and thus increase sales.

The amount of data to be analyzed was significant, and while their staff had analytical skills and could use a graphical interface, they were not programmers. This represented a challenge.


Destiny Corporation designed an environment that combined massively parallel processing (MPP) on company data with a graphical user interface (GUI). Analysts could perform data analysis and predictive statistics without the need to code. In addition, Destiny Corporation consultants installed a server software environment, and provided customized training on how to use the systems installed.


Their business analysts can now analyze large amounts of data and produce historical and predictive reports without the need for IT involvement. The reports provide them with a better view of product demand to support their targeting efforts for increased sales.


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