Custom Course Development

Custom Course DevelopmentDestiny Corporation is a specialized team of solution-oriented professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that courses are developed using only best-in-class instructional design techniques. Comprised of content specialists, instructional designers and project managers, the Destiny team has many decades of combined business and course development experience.

Turning learning into results is one of the passions of Destiny. We know how meaningful learning leads to improved performance at the individual contributor, team, and organizational level. Creating customized solutions for specific clients is a large part of the value Destiny brings to its clients. Destiny team members work closely with our educational advisors and client contacts to provide learning solutions that capture more than the original intent.Custom Course Development

From the moment a course goes into development, Destiny incorporates the understanding that learning must yield practical, quantifiable benefits to have value. Both our standard and specially designed courses focus on learning and training approaches that participants understand, assimilate and want to bring back to the workplace.

Flexibility and agility are hallmarks of our approach as we work to tailor solutions within almost any budget. Our Destiny team can develop custom-tailored learning content that blends seamlessly with our client’s existing programs, create a completely new curriculum, or convert existing classroom content into a state-of-the-art web-based or virtual class solution. We can even deliver the training materials on our client’s behalf.

Destiny does the following:

  • Builds Table of Contents and Indexes
  • Capture Live Demonstrations
  • Captures course content
  • Captures software screens for course materials
  • Develops workshops
  • Editing and Post Processing of Video Content
  • Video Record Instructor Delivery
  • Write course content
  • Write Scripts

Custom Course Development

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