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Destiny’s expertise in software analytics is exemplified by its new Snowflake cost management tool.  Our Snowflake clients understand the importance of maximizing database performance while minimizing total expenditure.

Our Cost Reduction, Optimization, and Performance (CROP) tool results in improved budget forecasting to make the most of your IT dollars. It also provides better understanding of resource consumption, performance delays and configuration limitations.

Cost Reduction, Optimization, and Performance (CROP™) Tool Advantages

  • Workload Analysis helps reduce costs by identifying data usage and expensive queries.
  • Monitoring Resources and Usage is easy as credits consumed at both warehouse and user levels are shown.
  • Identifying Bottlenecks leads directly to their removal by showing how much data is scanned at the user and warehouse levels.
  • Configuration Optimization may be reached by resolving the found configuration problems.
  • Recommendations include the specific problem and a recommended solution for each category.
  • Forecast future consumption Cost based on client year to date usage expenditure.

Support Services from Destiny

  • Assist in optimizing queries
  • Building out the best data model
  • Removing unused resources


Sample CROP™ Reports

You can Show Recommendations when Problems are Found....

And You can Track the Snowflake Dollars Spent Compared to the Forecast….

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