Managed Services
Increased IT operating costs and a desire to focus on core business functions are key drivers for outsourcing operations. Organizations are seeking quicker turnaround in application development projects and increased productivity from their development teams.

Destiny Corporation’s application development, maintenance, and management services offer a balanced and pragmatic approach to outsourcing your company’s significant applications and systems. By crafting flexible, secure, and practical agreements, we have become a trusted advisor in all levels of the organizations we help. Our engagements have improved system capabilities and increased uptime SLAs (Service Level Agreements) while reducing operational expense.

We are sensitive to budget constraints and infrastructure limitations, providing the perfect tools and resources in the most efficient and flexible manner. By reviewing present strategies with business and IT teams, we quickly determine the best service offering to ensure your preferences are met.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Decreased downtime
  • Upgraded firmware and up-to-date virus protection
  • Insurance that backups are working
  • Performance of periodic data restores to verify integrity
  • Advice and guidance from our IT engineers
  • Peace of mind. You can rest easy in the knowledge that if a hardware issue does arise, you only need to make one call.
We provide 7/24/365 support, and can be on site in under four hours.

Your IT system is one of your most important business assets. Call us today to learn more about how to protect it with our System Administration Services.

System Upgrade Services

Keep your server, storage, cloud and networking systems at their peak performance

Maximize your IT infrastructure’s potential and keep it running at optimal efficiency with Destiny Corporation’s System Upgrade Services. We offer a strategic approach to evaluating, identifying and implementing your upgrade requirements with little to no disruption to your business.


  • Reduced TCO and maintenance expenses
  • Prevention of downtime resulting from malfunctioning hardware
  • Safeguard hardware from cyber threats
  • Protect and extend the value of your technological investment
  • Streamlined hardware maintenance by letting one organization handle the routine tasks

On Demand Incident Management

Destiny Corporation provides analytics platform support on short notice. We are SAS experts in the cloud and on-premise. In addition, we manage open source and Microsoft analytics systems.

If there is critical dependency then one working day (level 1) may be purchased. This means that Destiny Corporation will evaluate and begin to resolve the problem in one working day.

Additional levels of support (such as 3 working days or more) are also available.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance for analytics environments includes change management, performance monitoring, configuration management, report development and automation.

Continual Service Improvement

Destiny Corporation evaluates your analytics and Data Science objectives. Destiny Corporation evaluates current processes, defines steps for incremental improvement, and then implements and measures the degree of success.

Application Performance Management

Destiny Corporation summarizes your results and presents performance graphics. Destiny Corporation uses this data to predict capacity, report compliance and evaluate the users’ experience.  We ensure the latest analytics software developments are available for use throughout your organization.

Platform Performance Management

Destiny Corporation monitors the platform, infrastructure and services within your analytics system. We measure the level of connectivity between systems.  We apply SAS hot fixes, maintenance updates and product upgrades through validated change management procedures.



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