Infrastructure Analysis

We will analyze your infrastructure to understand how well it meets the organizations analytic needs. This includes servers, storage, network, cloud, containers, back-up, and disaster recovery.

SAS Health Check

Destiny will analyze the root cause of long running SAS jobs and system crashes.

SAS House Cleaning and Governance

IT organizations often want to retire old code and be certain that the current logic reflects today’s business requirements. They also want to ensure industry best practices are currently in use. Destiny Corporation will interpret the SAS code, SAS datasets and non-SAS artifacts that can be used to make management level decisions.

Storing large amounts of data over time can be challenging. SAS users routinely make copies of databases, data marts, and data warehouses. Copies of corporate data are made on a monthly basis to maintain ‘point in time’ analysis, or multiple obsolete versions of programs are kept. These practices use unnecessary disk space that must be backed up nightly, and add to an environment not large enough for the additional storage.

Another common practice is the storage of code and data on spreadsheets, text documents and other files, which makes the identification and separation of SAS files difficult and time consuming.

Destiny Corporation has developed software tools to evaluate these files. Upon completion of our assessment, clients are given a report that identifies each SAS dataset, view, program, log, listing, and macro file. The file size, location, and date modified are also included. This is often done prior to SAS Migration projects.

We typically free between 50 to 500 terabytes of storage for our clients and have years of experience solving IT challenges. Call us today to learn more about our SAS House Cleaning and Governance service.

Destiny Corporation has over 35 years of experience working with SAS providing the following:

  • Insight into processes
  • Show actual SAS usage
  • Understand SAS logic
  • Visually demonstrate the interaction with all
    corporate systems and SAS applications
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Ensuring compliance

SAS Processing Analysis

To determine the complete usage of SAS, Destiny will run an analysis of all current SAS processing throughout the organization. This provides IT management full knowledge of what SAS is being used for, and allows them to make informed management decisions around its use.

SAS Stress Testing

Destiny Corporation has developed a process where we can determine what the current environment can handle from a capacity perspective so clients know the limits before problems start to arise.


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