Computer systems are under attack!

Organizations should conduct a risk assessment of their IT environment from all angles. The assessment’s goal is to find vulnerabilities that internal and external threats could exploit and place the company at extreme risk.

Vulnerabilities, dangers, and risks in IT protection are constantly changing. It is important for businesses to monitor their environment on a regular basis for potential business risks. Risk is defined in the sense of IT security as a factor that compromises the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an organization’s data.

Perimeter External Vulnerability Scanning, Cloud Security Audits, Dynamic Web Application Vulnerability Scanning, Certificate Analysis, and Dark Web Vulnerability Correlations are all used to find vulnerabilities.

These testing tools focus on problems such as device hardening and misconfigurations. Organizations can harden the protection of their perimeter and underlying structures by addressing these issues. Patching, interface updates, and protections are not enough to remove risks, so they should be included with a cyber insurance policy. Cyber insurance protects the company from the financial consequences of a cyberattack.

One of an organization’s most vulnerable areas is passwords. According to a new Gartner report, they account for nearly half of all cyberattacks. Imagine lowering cyber risk by 50%, which will please the Board of Directors. Destiny Corporation can assist you in avoiding threats.


Costs to organization

  • Payment of a ransom
  • Engaging Specialty Consulting Firms
  • Obtaining Legal Assistance
  • Wasted time for the employees
  • Loss of information/data
  • Environments’ restoration period
  • The insurance provider discontinues coverage
  • The company has now experienced a cyber assault
  • Cyber insurance rates have skyrocketed in subsequent years
  • Employees with fiduciary responsibilities can face up to ten years in prison
  • Over time, stealing business secrets
  • Business closures

Customer costs to constituents

  • The cost of mitigating exposure
  • Subscriptions to a credit watch service
  • Passwords were reused to break into other systems
  • Customers’ confidence has been eroded.

Reputation of organization

  • Lost trust by customers
  • Customers patronizing competitors
  • Lost stock value
  • Shareholder concerns
  • Need to rebuild company public relations
  • Cost of all items

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Benefits of Cybersecurity Endpoint Monitoring

Before a cybersecurity breach happens, you have the ability to identify the following cloud-based cyber solution:

  • Reduce the cost of cybersecurity insurance for the entire organization
  • Identify total breach cost to the organization
  • Identify all vulnerable computer systems at risk for a breach
  • Identify all computer systems with access to sensitive data (PII) down to the record level and data type
  • Identify potential intrusion, post intrusion, exploit kit, and network takeover risks
  • List industry-standard remediation recommendations for all computer systems
  • Up to the minute identification of all cybersecurity risks on computer systems
  • Easily deployed and managed through Ansible automation and group policies
  • Supported on Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems

Manage your cyber security more effectively

Clear enough for executives, detailed enough for IT professionals, the Cyban service is easy to use and provides clear insights into your cyber risk across your business and down to individual devices.

The Cyban service provides a dashboard where you can see your cyber score and drill down into areas of weakness or high risk.

Complete visibility

The dashboard’s risk report page provides a clear and easy-to-understand high-level insight into your cybersecurity management.

  • See the maximum foreseeable cost of a data breach
  • Track cyber scores
  • Recommended steps to reduce risk
  • Drill down to more detailed insights about your data and devices and risks

Value at risk

The value at risk is the maximum potential cost to your business if your sensitive data is lost, breached or held to ransom. The size of this value often surprises! It’s based on the number of sensitive data points you have on your devices and real-world data collected by IBM and the Poneman Institute for business size, sector and geography.

Cyber score

Rather like a credit score, Cyban scores your cybersecurity both for the company as a whole as well as for each individual device level. The score is based on multiple factors including data at risk and IT vulnerabilities. The score ranges from 0 to 999, with a high score indicating good cybersecurity. The score is continuously updated.

What’s your ransomware risk?

Pinpoint devices that expose you to a network takeover, and learn what actions you should take to protect those devices.

Action plan to reduce vulnerability

Get practical advice on what you need to do to reduce risk and improve your cyber score.

  • High-level organizational summary
  • Drill down to individual devices
  • See potential vulnerabilities

Who’s got sensitive data on their laptops?

Easily identify if any of your business devices are operating outside your corporate networks. For example, an employee working from home on a company laptop. Automatically check what sensitive data is on that device and assess whether that data should be on that device.

Exposure from out-of-date software

See where your software application vulnerabilities are on each device and what you need to do to fix this.


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