Our SAS Consulting Services can help you get more from your SAS and open-source analytics environments.

SAS is one of the most powerful analytics and data visualization tools on the market. It uses advanced technology to provide innovative solutions that can support a number of different environments and scales depending on the needs of the business.

However, running SAS in non-optimized environments results in excessive annual costs, long-running processes, and stability issues. This leads to challenges for analytics departments, IT personnel who support analytics users, and increasing annual costs for procurement leaders.

When your SAS infrastructure is not configured correctly, you will see symptoms such as:

  • Increasing infrastructure costs – requiring additional servers, more support staff, excessive backup, and disaster recovery environments
  • Long-running processes – many jobs run for hours or days, often missing important SLAs
  • Stability issues – server crashes and disks running out of space

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Finding the power in SAS

Destiny Corporation is a business and technology consulting firm. We have over 35 years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies on how to unlock the real potential that SAS and Open Source software have to offer.

  • We work with the world’s largest organizations to design and build infrastructure that fully provides for their analytic needs.
  • Destiny Corporation supports SAS migration including OpenShift container apps using Kubernetes. The destination can be on-prem or in the Cloud.
  • Our firm can analyze the root cause of long-running SAS jobs and system crashes with a SAS Health Check.
  • We will often analyze current SAS processing throughout the organization and run a stress test to determine environmental capacity limits. These are often used in preparation for SAS migration projects.

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To learn more about SAS challenges and common SAS questions, check out our SAS case studies.

See what our clients are saying…

Destiny worked with our team to locate and analyse 22 million lines of SAS code, optimizing logic and data issues. By redesigning our infrastructure, and writing custom scripts to our exact requirements, they increased the speed of our SAS jobs by 500% and reduced our five servers down to just one.”

Head of IT Infrastructure at one of the UK’s leading Banks.

We tried everything to accelerate our SAS jobs, but no matter how many extra servers and additional storage we bought, nothing helped. The team was so frustrated, and we had to employ extra staff to work weekends just to run analytics tasks and reboot the servers when they crashed. Over a short period of time, Destiny found the issues and migrated us to a new SAS/Grid, reducing our servers from four to one, and increased our processing speed by 400%.”

Head of Analytics at the third-largest health insurance company in the US

We’ve reduced our SAS infrastructure costs by $7 million per year. We didn’t need to invest in any additional hardware to make SAS more effective, we just needed to apply best practices and make it work better for us. Destiny uncovered issues we didn’t know we had and money we didn’t know we could save.”

Director of Procurement at a $250 billion US Bank

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