Offering training to your employees can provide your organization with a myriad of long term benefits and rewards. Employees wishing to improve their skills can be a tremendous asset to your business. Skilled employees offer fresh ideas and create inspiration. Advances in technology encourage agility and change, and a tech-savvy staff will ensure your company is nimble and ready. What’s more, providing continuing education demonstrates an investment in your workers’ welfare and boosts morale. And high morale makes for happier employees, and happy, well-educated employees make for a productive and efficient workforce.

Destiny Corporation has delivered over 30 years of dynamic SAS training to organizations across all industries and to all user types. SAS skills are in high demand, and our SAS courses provide you with the analytics expertise your organization needs to remain competitive and profitable.

In addition, Destiny Corporation offers training for IBM’s PureData System for Analytics (PDA), Netezza. We are one of the only organizations that offer this type of customized training to organizations on a global scale. While the Netezza appliance delivers superior performance, it is imperative that businesses understand proper use for optimal benefits and results.

A choice of on-site, live web, or virtual on-demand training formats can meet your company’s needs from anywhere.  And our customizable courses give your business a virtually unlimited amount of options.


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