Company Background

This multinational Fortune 50 organization manufactures automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, and power equipment. With over 200,000 employees and hundreds of locations worldwide, they are continually working towards lower CO2 emissions to ensure cleaner air for future generations.


This organization wanted to track NHTSA recalls directly related to issues with their customers’ car warranties. They wanted to understand that when a car came in for service, what was the issue and how was it classified? If it was in a classification that could trigger a massive recall, that would mean millions in costs to the organization. They wanted to be able to determine these issues with a single data point.


Destiny Corporation designed the first early warning system that could track this information and get it in the hands of the correct knowledge engineers within 12 hours of the event taking place. Destiny Corporation built a system to gather all car warranty claims. The system also read the free form text to determine the category of the issue. Information about each claim was sent automatically to the proper knowledge engineer and then tracked for resolution. Analytics were also placed on top of the data to determine if there were design, manufacturing, or servicing issues with each aspect of the model of car.


Configurations requiring enhancements and warranty service can now be determined in real-time once a dealer registers a customer’s warranty claim.


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