Destiny Manages Offshore Resources (so you don’t have to)

Destiny opened a Global Delivery Center in Pune, Maharashtra, India, offering the same enterprise-class Business and Technology Consulting services as in our North America and EMEA offices. This offers our clients locally managed, high-quality, low-cost IT resources.

Continuous collaboration with our offshore team takes the burden off of our clients. All projects and client communications are through our U.S. or EMEA offices, so conference calls and time zone restrictions are not an issue.

Cloud Based Offerings

👉 Data Engineering – Is the complex task of making raw data accessible…

👉 Data Lakes – A data lake is a centralized repository for storing structured and unstructured data in the cloud…

👉 Data Warehouses – A data warehouse is a data management system designed to enable and support analytics…

👉 Advanced Analytics (AI / ML) – Advanced Analytics is the examination of data using sophisticated techniques and tools…


Offshore Benefits

  • Our global management processes accelerate project development, testing, and deployment.
  • We build products and frameworks in-house to help expedite project delivery.
  • Lower costs and a wide range of high-quality solutions are a primary advantage of using our offshore IT services.
  • Fast migration services with large, economical teams.
  • 24×7 support available that follows the sun.
  • A team of highly qualified professionals with exceptional expertise in IT who are dedicated to your success.
  • We have the necessary cloud infrastructure, facilities and staff in place, enabling projects to begin much faster.
  • Scale up quickly and easily to meet evolving project requirements.

Here at Destiny, we are committed to providing you with the greatest possible level of service for your business and IT needs. We oversee all offshore operations to ensure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end. This approach lets you focus on other key business tasks while saving you time and money.

The expanding range of new and emerging cloud analytics technologies offer businesses limitless opportunities to gain actionable insights – helping to boost profits, minimize expenses, and make informed, strategic decisions.

Destiny can help your organization establish a robust analytics cloud strategy. Our pre-built frameworks accelerate your time to market and empower your firm to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Data Engineering

  • Description: Data engineering is the complex task of making raw data accessible for data scientists, business analysts, and other key players in an organization. Without a data engineering strategy, data collected is essentially useless.
  • Benefit: When data is processed correctly, companies are able to solve complicated business problems and improve the ways they conduct their business.
  • Challenge: Tapping into data quickly and easily requires a solid data pipeline. Failing to prepare and access that data effectively can result in wasted opportunities and an inability to get returns on resources invested in storage and analysis.
  • Why Destiny: Data is your most valuable asset.  Our data engineers can help you build an efficient data pipeline for fast, reliable, and high quality data tailored to your business needs.

Big data computing concept of modern IT technology
Data Lakes

  • Description: A data lake is a centralized repository for storing structured and unstructured data in the cloud. Data can be stored as-is, and various types of analytics can be run to guide better business decisions.
  • Benefit: The ability to harness a large amount of data, from many diverse sources, and in less time, lets businesses conduct complex queries leading to better, faster decision making.  Data lakes can also handle the immense volumes of data required for AI and machine learning.
  • Challenge: Faced with growing amounts and varying types of data – all coming from a wide variety of sources – businesses need a data storage and analytics solution in the cloud that offers more agility and flexibility than traditional data management systems.
  • Why Destiny: Transitioning to a data lake from a data warehouse requires a considerable amount of preparation, and organizations often face obstacles such as configuration challenges and lack of skills.  Depending on your infrastructure, implementations can be difficult and must be executed properly.  There is also a fair amount of learning required before using a data lake.

Data Warehouses

  • Description: A data warehouse is a data management system designed to enable and support analytics.  Multiple sources of data can be combined, including cloud, structured and semi-structured data, metadata, etc.
  • Benefit: Besides providing the infrastructure needed to facilitate business intelligence, the ability to unify data from multiple sources saves time and allows organizations to extract valuable business insights for improved decision making.
  • Challenge: Implementing a data warehouse requires a well thought out strategy to determine how to scale the data for future needs.  Its design should be based on the needs of the end users, however, end users can find it difficult to define their requirements until a specific need arises.
  • Why Destiny: Our experts can quickly aggregate, integrate, structure, and store your data to give you a consolidated view of your business processes.

Advanced Analytics (AI / ML)

  • Description: Advanced Analytics is the examination of data using sophisticated techniques and tools for deeper insights, to make predictions, or to generate recommendations.
  • Benefit: Advanced analytics allow for deeper insights into patterns, trends, customer preferences, and key business activities.  Organizations can quickly make informed decisions with a greater degree of confidence to create new sources of value and remain competitive.
  • Challenge: Data, advanced analytics, and AI inspire a wealth of possibilities.  But determining where to start and mapping out a plan can be difficult.  Accessing the information needed and preparing it to be analyzed require specific skillsets, the right technology and tools.  If data is fragmented or of low quality, it cannot be utilized.
  • Cloud based analytics give organizations the ability to do analysis on vendor-managed infrastructure without the need for any hardware investments or in-house expertise. And services can be turned on and off as needed, lowering costs and increasing flexibility.
  • Why Destiny: We can help your organization establish an analytics cloud strategy, design and set up environments, help build statistical models and offer continued support. Our pre-built frameworks accelerate your time to market without sacrificing quality – all while mitigating challenges and reducing costs.

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