In any Cloud or On-Premise

Accelerate analytic reporting jobs from 45 hours to seconds.

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See how we reduced clients’ analytics runtimes from hours to minutes. To learn more click here. Learn more about the high-performance cloud-native system of insight designed for speed, simplicity, and agility and 100% compatible with earlier Netezza systems.


500x faster

Analytics performance delivers near real-time insight

Accelerates processing

making it feasible to tackle large data sets

Empowers knowledge workers

and speeds analysis with a business-driven solution

Netezza Benefits

    · Smarts In-database analytic tools and functions enable data mining, statistics, predictions, transformations, geospatial analytics, and data preparation without moving the data.
    · Scalability Hyper-converged option combines storage, compute, networking, and software to reduce complexity and increase scalability in a single system.
    · Simplicity Hyper-converged option combines storage, compute, networking, and software to reduce complexity and increase scalability in a single system
     · Speed Crunches through massive amounts of data quickly while minimizing data movement, enabling analytics workloads that support thousands of users.
     · Savings The total cost of ownership (TCO) for IBM Cloud Pak for Data System storage could be one-quarter the TCO of public cloud storage.

Netezza Performance Server

  • Available as software in any cloud.
  • Or as an appliance for on-prem use.
  • Analytics can be done anywhere, so no data egress fees.
  • Better performance and less cost than other data warehouses.
  • Minimal administration is required.


Hyperconverged, Cloud, or Both?

You can deploy NPS on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (cloud-based), IBM Cloud Pak for Data System (hyper-converged), or both. They are fully compatible, and both offer economical and practical solutions for your data warehousing and analytics requirements.

Benefits common to both deployment models

Because the containers are based on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, you can easily move them between private and public clouds as needed— including clouds from other providers such as AWS.

  • Built-in containerized microservices allow you to deploy multiple services—whether related or not—depending on your requirements.
  • You may load or move data and run workloads where it is most advantageous, without ETL or migration costs.
  • Netezza’s simplicity and user-friendliness mean that a single user can run queries with virtually any archived data.


Benefits of using Netezza on the cloud

  • No data egress fees
  • Scale compute and storage independently—without limit.
  • Pay only for what is used.
  • Control with a simple interface; scale easily by dragging a slider.


Benefits of using Netezza on a hyper-converged system

  • Pre-configured appliances require less time and complexity since they have integrated hardware and software.
  • Appliances are tuned and tested in advance. Instead of focusing on maintaining hardware, your team can focus on system capabilities.
  • The flexibility of the cloud is combined with the security protocols of your data center.


  • Designed for deep analysis of complex data, scaling into the petabytes.
  • Delivers unmatched power, scalability, and intelligence for your business needs.
  • Continues the tradition of minimal administration and tuning, providing insights without lengthy data preparation.
  • Built-in virtualization technology allows the analysis of data anywhere on-prem or in the cloud.

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