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Red Hat is a leader in open source innovation with a comprehensive portfolio built on Linux, container, cloud, and Kubernetes technologies. They are the second-largest contributor to the upstream Kubernetes project and originator of many container technologies. Since their inception in 1993, their commitment to open source has made them a popular choice for enterprises.

As IT systems become more complex, the need for stable, and performance driven operating systems has become vital. Red Hat’s offerings are designed to provide organizations with scalable, secure, and robust technologies to meet these IT infrastructure needs. Red Hat Linux is the most used operating system on publicly available servers, and the only one used on the 500 fastest supercomputers.

Some of Red Hat’s more popular technologies include:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

A distribution of the Linux operating system; developed for the business market and a foundation of the platform.

Red Hat OpenShift 

An open source Kubernetes and container application platform, trusted by thousands of enterprises across the globe.

Red Hat Ansible

An open source IT configuration management (CM) and automation software to simplify management and automation of hybrid cloud environments.

Red Hat

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