Best Practice Analysis and Workflow Optimization

Many organizations struggle with current, outdated, and non-productive practices and methodologies; while competitors in their same industry, or in similar roles, have evolved, developed and adopted ideal standards to best support the organization. Not utilizing these best practices can be a handicap for any organization in their productivity, efficiency, advancement and streamlining of their business.

Workflow Process OptimizationBest practice is a technique or methodology that has proven to lead to our client’s desired result. We take a quantitative and systematic approach to analyze our client’s current practices and through our years of consultative experience, and knowledge base, we streamline these and make them more efficient based on our clients’ current and future needs.

Workflow optimization reduces our client’s costs. We find many companies have inefficient workflows, which wastes time, money, and resources. Destiny optimizes our client’s workflows and incorporates new technology when appropriate. Destiny believes that streamlined steps lead to minimized mistakes and decreased duplication of effort. Destiny Corporation helps our clients understand existing information workflows and identifies ways to improve them.

Some of the areas of focus include:

  • Definition of Business Terminology
  • Designing Proper Data Structures for Easy Business Utilization
  • Documentation of Business Rules
  • Legacy Batch Versus Real-Time Processing
  • Less Time Spent on Data Integration
  • Freeing Up Employee Time to Concentrate on Strategic Business Issues
  • Making Data Available to the Business in a Timely Manner
  • More Time Available for Business Analytics
  • Massive Reduction in Time on Business and IT Processes; Hours Versus Minutes
  • Simplified Access to Data
Best Practice Analysis

Sample Case Studies by Industry:

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