SAS Log Analysis

Analyze the root cause of long running SAS jobs and system crashes

SAS Processing Analysis

Analyze all current SAS processing done today in the organization to determine the complete usage of SAS. This will give IT Management full knowledge of what SAS is being used for, allowing IT to make informed management decisions around its use.

SAS House Cleaning and Governance

This service gives knowledge to IT personnel to understand current SAS code, SAS datasets and non-SAS artifacts used in the environment so they can make informed decisions on the best way to remediate and optimize use of SAS and other technologies.

SAS Stress Test to Understand Current Capacity

Destiny Corporation has developed a process where we can determine what the current environment can handle from a capacity perspective so clients know the limits before problems start to arise.

SAS Real Time Monitoring

This offering delivers real time analysis of SAS processes to IT personnel so they may understand actual usage of data, and the types of processes being executed by departments and users.

SAS Code Analysis and Standardization

This offering is designed to performs analysis, cleanup and modification of user’s code in preparation for migration to other environments such as new infrastructure.

SAS Migration Services

A number of organizations are struggling with legacy processes created over the past forty years. Many were custom built, making them vital to managing day to day operations. The infrastructure cost to support these processes is often extremely expensive, with businesses spending an estimated 60-80% of their IT budgets to sustain these outdated systems.

Oftentimes, the people who built these processes have moved on or retired, leaving little documentation about what they were originally designed to do. In addition, the processes built decades ago that run in production today not only take up storage space and require operational support, but were built according to the business requirements of the time and probably do not meet the business needs of today.

Destiny Corporation can help reduce the cost of your technical debt by giving you and your management team vast insight into your existing processes. We offer a Discovery Phase service that utilizes our proprietary automated system. It can read through millions of lines of code and data to give your organization a thorough and summarized view of what exists today, what is being used and who is using it. Management can make an informed decision on how to move forward and take the necessary steps to reduce the burden of decades-old technical debt.

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