System Architecture and Design
As new and innovative IT solutions continue to emerge, a growing number of organizations rely on technology to effectively manage and support their businesses. Thus, the need for efficient and fine-tuned technology within your company’s internal system architecture is more important than ever before. Failure to have the necessary support system and frameworks in place can lead to inefficiencies, reduced productivity, and a limited ability to compete in today’s disruptive climate.

One common issue that can result from an outdated infrastructure and growing data analysis is symptom of long running jobs. Long running processes gradually become a way of life for many business units. They adapt by reducing the amount of analysis they do, or choose not to analyze altogether because getting a timely result is impossible with their current infrastructure. Many businesses have grown to accept these conditions, unaware that the ability to access their data in near real time and process in minutes is attainable.

Destiny Corporation will work with your organization to design and implement the ideal environment and architecture to support the evolving needs of your business. IT processes that execute quickly and efficiently provide immediate access to data so you can make key decisions based on the most up-to-date information.


  • Availability of the correct data
  • Dynamic environments to support processing resources
  • Efficient processing techniques
  • Minimizing the movement of data
  • Parallel processing (grid)
  • Processing where the data lives (in-database)
  • Proper access to the data
  • Removal of all I/O (input/output) bottlenecks


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