Destiny Corporation

SAS Smoke Test to Understand Current Capacity

Purpose: Many IT clients have challenges with their current SAS infrastructure. They are not sure if it is an application issue or a system configuration problem. Destiny Corporation has developed a process where we can determine what the current environment can handle from a capacity perspective so clients know the limits before problems start to arise.

Total Analysis: SAS code and scripts Destiny Corporation provides to be loaded on the client’s system.

Duration: 10 Business Days

Process: Destiny Corporation will supply several scripts to be executed on the client’s environment off hours. The scripts build data, perform reads and writes and trap results. Logs are then transferred back to Destiny Corporation for analysis.

Result: The results are examined by Destiny Corporation Senior Experts and a Findings and Recommendations Report is delivered showing current capacity, recommended configuration changes and capacity required.

Price: Available upon request.

Confidential: For Client Internal Use Only. Client agrees to not share information with vendors. Copyright © 2020 Destiny Corporation. All Rights Reserved.