Destiny's Phone and Internet Offerings

Destiny works closely with our clients to reduce costs, solve their communications issues, optimize call routing, and branding. We objectively guide and educate them on industry best practices so their organizations can thrive. Longstanding and trusted relationships with our clients is our mission.

Telephone System

Professional communication with customers is crucial to your brand. Every missed call is a missed opportunity. We make it easy for customers to get what they want through phone automation and human interaction for the sale. With our systems, restaurants will never miss a call.

  • Keep existing phone number
  • Efficiently handle every call
  • Custom Automated Attendant with Voiceover Talent included
  • Professional Image and Branding
  • Cancel current phone bills
  • Cloud based PBX
  • Phones included or reuse existing VOIP phones
  • Custom greetings and routing
  • Unique phone numbers per advertised property

  • Caller ID and call purpose displayed on phone – e.g. Listing or Buyer
  • Automated call back during busy times
  • Voicemail and Hunt Groups
  • Time of day messaging (Open vs. Closed messages)
  • Get critical calls on your mobile phone anywhere in the world
  • Wired or wireless handsets
  • Monthly detailed reports and billing

“We saved $9,000/year on our phone and internet system costs with Destiny.”

Trish Nash Team, Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

“This solution helps us efficiently route and track all of our calls.”

Michael Hiltz, Hiltz Commercial Group, Henderson, Nevada.

Benefit from our Phone and Internet Solutions

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