Drive Agility

Built-in virtualization and co-located workloads let you easily allocate resources at the push of a button based on changes in workload demands.

Reduce Risk

The high resilience of greater than five 9’s availability reduces the risk of not meeting deadlines due to system outages.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Take advantage of industry-leading throughput that helps generate business-critical insights on time, every time.

IBM Power Systems and SAS Viya: A Powerful Combination for Optimizing the Analytics Life Cycle

Intelligent insights and data-driven decision-making are the lifeblood of success in the digital era. Organizations use SAS’s analytics solutions to generate business critical insights and help them meet important regulatory deadlines.

The analytics framework and support for machine learning and deep learning capabilities of SAS Viya make it easy to deliver insights to both business users and data scientists, improving their efficiency up to 100x and accelerating time to value of analytics investments. As an open platform, SAS Viya can connect to a range of structured and unstructured data sources, including text, audio and video, wherever it resides; in the cloud, on site, or in data lakes that are part of traditional systems.

SAS Viya on Power
Operationalizing analytics workflows, however, is an iterative process that involves processing massive volumes of data, placing heavy demands on SAS’s IT infrastructure. Therefore, successful SAS implementations require an agile, resilient and responsive IT infrastructure. IBM’s systems are designed from the ground up to address the key needs of SAS workloads. With industry-leading I/O and memory bandwidth, IBM Power Systems are engineered to accelerate the performance of SAS Analytics. Across the analytics lifecycle, from data discovery, model development and deployment to operationalizing analytics, SAS has a wide range of compute demands. IBM’s agile, full stack solution offers flexible deployment models that can scale capacity based on changing resource needs.

Without the proper infrastructure and steps to operationalize analytics efforts, the business value of data is all but lost for competitive advantage. IBM and SAS help organizations accelerate insights with an agile solution that supports the full analytics life cycle.

SAS Viya on Power

Driving innovation with SAS Software and IBM Power Systems

SAS Development Leader, Ken Gahagan, sharing why SAS is excited about bringing their new in-memory framework, SAS Viya, to POWER9.

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