Media AdvertisingCompany Background
The Organization is a major player in the Music Industry. A direct marketing firm utilizes multiple campaigns for the sale and distribution of prerecorded music.

This Organization needed a tool to track the impact of their numerous marketing campaigns. They needed a system that could generate information to be used in their Business Planning and Forecasting projections.

Using the latest application and Java technology, we built an Internal Web application allowing this Organization’s Marketing Department to track results of various marketing campaigns to the source code level. In addition to this Web application, we developed an in-depth forecasting system essential to the Company’s CRM initiative. This system streamlined their Business Planning and Projection Forecasting process for sale of prerecorded music.

By designing and implementing our Web-based tracking solution, this Direct Marketing Organization eliminated its unstructured, excel environment and adopted a structured, customized software system that allows them to create forecasts consisting of Business and Projection Plans in minutes instead of weeks. The process of building this system also helped them consolidate and modernize their entire forecasting process.