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HospitalityCompany Overview
This Organization is a trusted industry leader, guiding clients through thousands of corporate relocation programs, large and small, unique and complex. Ideally equipped to lead, this organization helps businesses with relocation programs, wherever you are headed.

This organization required the build of an enterprise data warehouse to support its analytical and reporting applications. The goal was to gather all source data available in the firm to deliver a production ready system to the CIO that could be supported by existing IT staff. This would simplify access to data for all departments.

Destiny was hired to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse after a failed attempt by a previous firm. The build took place onshore and offshore to minimize expenses. Destiny analyzed the data, built the data model, designed, and built the ETL processing, and constructed all BI reporting for the firm. The project was complete in 14 months with Destiny staff of 35 people. The CIO was pleased with the result as the data warehouse and BI reporting are still up and running today.

This data warehouse offers simplified reporting and analytics to all data available to the organization and has helped them better understand their clients. The organization spends most of its time on analysis and signing on new client firms instead of searching for and managing data.