We converted our live classroom courses to a virtual learning environment. With hours of videotaped lectures and live software demonstrations, these on-demand courses offer the quality and benefits of instructor led training from the comfort of your PC.

While classroom instruction is ideal for understanding during delivery, when students leave the classroom and do not use the topics, statistics show 90% of the information learned is lost. With Destiny’s virtual learning on-demand courses, you can relive the classroom environment whenever you need the information. This helps reinforce topics and aids in knowledge retention.

Course instruction comes directly from our world-renowned experts and instructors. Each student receives workshop exercises to complete, program code, sample data, and a course book. In the Solutions section of the course, we demonstrate how the accompanying exercises should be done.

Our Virtual Learning courses provide an excellent return on your investment in education. In addition, class graduates are encouraged to contact Destiny Corporation instructors throughout the year when they have questions about course topics.

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