We at Destiny Corporation hope you and your family are keeping safe during these uncertain times. As we see continued disruption to our daily lives, Destiny Corporation is taking measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our people and clients.

Most of our workforce works remotely, but we have limited travel significantly for the safety of our employees, clients, and the community in general.

Destiny Corporation has already had a strong culture of flexible and remote working. That includes meeting electronically to broaden participation and for the convenience of clients with multiple worksites and remote staff. It also enhances communication with our bluebird (complementary) and vendor (hardware) partners.

We ensure that our IT capabilities allow Destiny Corporation staff to provide uninterrupted service.

We continue to use local public health guidance to inform our working from home and social distancing policies.

Many of you and your businesses are going through challenging times. Please know that Destiny Corporation stands ready to support you.